Challenging the Status Quo Definition - Status Quo is defined as the "existing state of affairs" (at a particular time) or "the situation as it currently exists" Robert has always believed that any success in life is generally brought about by challenging the Status Quo.

Robert says “Today more than ever business is influenced more and more by the IT revolution yet many companies have failed to grasp the new opportunities available to them. Simply coming up with the right questions to challenge the old methods can rejuvenate and breathe life into a business.

If organisations are looking to improve quality, reduce costs and get better efficiencies in place then everyone from the top down must look at their day to day routines, with the aim of identifying new and different approaches to getting the job done. Can it be done better?

Companies and senior managers must not pay "lip service" to employee's ideas or suggestions. Indeed one of the biggest stumbling blocks is the Hubris traits displayed by many senior people. Time after time I have seen managers and owners of businesses failing to take feedback on board, they generally consider it as negative as they are the ones with the answers not the employees. If you want to empower people then they must be given the confidence and skills to assume an active, involved role in the business, free to express themselves - without criticism.”

Tips to challenging the Status Quo:

1. Short term wins – Rome wasn't built in a day but the first brick was laid very quickly. It is important to balance achievement against your long term goals. Recognise and praise change as it happens. It's all about moving forward.

2. Communicate your goals – Without pictures, your people won't know what is expected from them. Direction promotes thought which in turn kicks off change.

3. Engage or empower your team – I learnt a long time ago that good companies grow from the bottom up – It is naive of senior managers to believe that they have all the answers. I have never given anyone who works for me a sales plan, I don't believe in dictating an individual's needs and wants yet 9 out of10 times we will still hit sales plan. Manage the individual's expectations and they will dove tail into the company's expectations.

4. Increase urgency – There will never be change unless people feel that there is urgency for change.

5. Make change stick – Don't slip back, make change a habit. Of course once it becomes a habit then you have a new Status Quo so it is time to start all over again.